FMCG & Pharmaceuticals

FMCG & Pharmaceuticals Industry

A sector to be most impacted by the Goods & Services Tax (GST) reforms, as it had its traditional supply chain network built along Tax Structures rather than, most efficient way of doing business. Moreover, a Sector with very thin margins and therefore need for having a lean supply chain with minimal wastages.

At Stellar Value Chain is all ready to partner with the FMCG & Pharma players through:
  • It’s Logistics parks strategically located at all the major consumption Centres, SVC has ready space available for customers to consolidated their inventory.
  • Cold Chain storage co-located with the ambient warehouse and transportation hubs ensure that all types of storage and distribution needs are taken care of, at one single point.
  • WMS is capable of managing Case In Case Out for stock transfers as well as each level picking and dispatch for modern trade customers.
  • The use of global best practices and technology plus automation it is possible to manage the centralized distribution as well as last mile delivery to “Kirana” Stores.
  • Our systems and process which ensure product quality as well as compliance with respect to end to end batch tracking, expiry control, MRP control and complete product traceability.
  • The value added services like kitting, bundling, promo-packs, provided all under one roof.

Our Service Offerings


  • Milk Run
  • Consolidation
  • Primary Transportation
  • Temperature controlled


  • External Warehouse setup (BTS)
  • Warehouse management
  • Value Added Services Like Kitting etc


  • Warehouse Planning
  • WMS
  • Warehouse building design (BTS)

In plant Operation

  • Kit formation
  • MHE Management


  • FTL
  • Express Movement
  • Temperature controlled