Lifestyle & Retail Industry

Lifestyle & Retail Industry

The Lifestyle and Fashion supply chain is characterized by short life cycle, high volatility, low predictability and high impulse purchasing. Coupled with multiplicity of SKUs and seasonality in demand it requires the Supply chain to be flexible as well as responsive.

At Stellar Value Chain we are fully prepared to address the above challenges through:

  • Our multi user logistics parks, can easily scale up to service high volumes at short notice during the seasonal peaks, promotional days etc.
  • Our combined Warehousing & Distribution offering with integrated systems, giving visibility across the network ensures product is available on the shelf when the shopper walks into the store
  • Our best of breed WMS allows to manage fashion specific processes like multi SKU cross docking, handle sales sets, pre-packs.
  • At Stellar we have dedicated Returns Processing Centres which specialize in processing end of season returns. We have clear defined system enabled processes for sorting, refinishing and making the products available for sale through discount stores, factory outlets etc.

Our Service Offerings


  • Milk Run
  • Consolidation
  • Primary Transportation
  • Temperature controlled


  • External Warehouse setup (BTS)
  • Warehouse management
  • Value Added Services Like Kitting etc


  • Warehouse Planning
  • WMS
  • Warehouse building design (BTS)

In plant Operation

  • Kit formation
  • MHE Management


  • FTL
  • Express Movement
  • Temperature controlled