QSR & Processed Foods

QSR & Processed Foods

The QSR supply chain is different from other supply chains in that it has multiple layers and each of these layers (Tier1, Tier2 etc…) from Farm to Table have product complexities of temperature management, shelf life management, Freshness and Immediate Deliveries
Stellar Value Chain’s integrated solutions of temperature-controlled storage and transportation with capability to provide End to End visibility ensures that the consumer’s tastes are always fulfilled.
Stellar Value chain owns a fleet of vehicles of varying sizes and capacity fitted with reefer units capable of maintaining temperature in the containers and IOT devices to maintain product integrity and avoid pilferage Enroute to consumer.
Stellar’s solutions provide end-to-end visibility and ensures product integrity from the point of sourcing till the point of consumption.

At Stellar Value Chain, we offer:

  • Best-in-Class IT systems and WMS for accuracy, inventory management, product recall and shelf-life management
  • Flexible and scalable storage solutions and resourcing to handle seasonality
  • Batch tracking & control
  • Returns and disposal
  • Milk runs for last mile delivery and returnable asset management
  • Kitting, Bundling and Promo packaging services
  • Centralised 24 x 7 control tower monitoring of each trip of movement of vehicles across India providing real time online tracking of vehicle movement.

Our Service Offerings


  • Milk Run
  • Consolidation
  • Primary Transportation
  • Temperature controlled


  • External Warehouse setup (BTS)
  • Warehouse management
  • Value Added Services Like Kitting etc


  • Warehouse Planning
  • WMS
  • Warehouse building design (BTS)

In plant Operation

  • Kit formation
  • MHE Management


  • FTL
  • Express Movement
  • Temperature controlled